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We are a St. Petersburg, FL-based federally recognized

501 (c.)(3) not-for-profit organization.


Our mission is to offer holistic, experiential education for children and adults related to environmental regeneration, personal growth, and

creative self-expression.


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Currently, we have two main community outreach programs:

Rising Light and Paint at The Patch

Have you spotted us around the country in our teardrop teeny-tiny home and research vehicle?
This was designed and built by our
co-founder, Hal Bailstein.
Watch our videos to get a tour and see how he built it.
Contact us to find how you can have one too!

Rising Light is one of our community outreach programs. 

Our group of volunteers, educators and spiritual leaders travel to music festivals and other events to provide interactive classes and PLAYshops that promote sustainability, social empowerment, community enrichment, and personal growth.

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