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The Hummingbird Community

The Hummingbird Community

Location: Mora, New Mexico

(Between Santa Fe and Taos)

On 500 acres of pristine, mountain land. The lowest elevation was at 8,000 ft. and the highest is at 10,000.

Residents: 20 - 18 full time, 2 intermittent and 1 volunteer

Year Established: 1996

Land size: 500 acres

Hummingbird was founded in 1996 by a core group converging from different parts of the country that are a part of a non-profit organization, Global Family.


Cultivating a soul-centric culture of interconnectedness with Earth and all life.


With this exquisite land as a master teacher, they are an intergenerational learning center providing in-depth experiences with the wisdom of Nature, practical tools for regenerative living, and opportunities for co-creating innovative solutions for whole systems health.

Social Dynamics:

Ages of the residents: Adults: 50-78, - one volunteer, 24

Societal Behavior: Very open, honest, and committed to consciously learning and questioning their behavior and beliefs.

The expansive space on the land and offsite jobs enabled the residents to only interact during weekly meetings and when they chose to. We believe this space gave the residents more privacy, autonomy and enhanced their overall experience

We participated in a 4 -day orientation on co-creative collaboration. The focus was on self-responsibility and learning how to truly collaborate with others in a positive way.

This was a life-changing experience for us and truly changed the way Hal and I interact with each other and all people. Most of the teachings were focused on taking responsibility for our own behaviors and thoughts, honest communication, and respecting others and their paths.


The campgrounds feature a large, restaurant-quality community kitchen, strawbale bathhouses for men and women, an outdoor dining room, soothing gathering yurt, meditation labyrinth, and a beautiful mountain hiking trail.

From the outside, The Grace House is a nicely manicured double-wide trailer. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a fully equipped kitchen. They use it for a community office, community living, and some guest rooms. It has dance-quality bamboo floors and lots of windows and light.

The Ease House is a 2 story structure that is built with green design and materials. The walls incorporate earth-pressed blocks that are made with local soil using their community-owned machine.

Some of this structure is occupied by community members, there are 6 bedrooms available that sleep 2 people each with an adjacent bathroom and kitchen for program participants or visitors.

All other houses were artfully built with locally- sourced soil, timber, and straw.