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Thank you, Matt Hillman, Jeff Moellering, Justin Boza, and Kasandra Sikorski 

for capturing our special day in such gorgeous ways!

Your wonderful videography and photography made it possible to relive the day, time and time again!


For all those that missed The Love Ceremony or would like to see it again, here it is:

Highlights from the 



All proceeds went to fund 

The Illumi-Nation Research Project

and the musicians and artists themselves.


Special Thanks To:


Our Host: 

The Blueberry Patch


Rev. Robert B Greene for officiating our ceremony and

leading our chakra meditation.


James PK Williams, our incredible MC


Roger Mayberry for leading our om circle.


And the never before seen all day SUPERJAM that left every person awe struck.


Every musician played with their heart and soul!

We were astounded by the effort that the musicians went into making the SuperJam happen.

It was truly the essence of what we believe is possible when we work together: 


Our sincerest gratitude to our Illumi-Nating Musicians:

Click the links below to listen:


Dennis Stadelman

Kenny Stadelman

Meesta Juan-jamon Montero

Brad Elliott

Michael Garrie


Come Back Alice

Tony Tyler

Dani Jaye

Yral Datdudeondrums Morris

John Werner




Taylor Gilchrist

Travis Young

Dean Arscott


Green Sunshine

Tanisha Wade

Chad Wade

Rhyan Reinertsen

Johnny Nichol

Sara Phillips

Joe Wheeler

Justin Boza

Tom Fels


Holey Miss Moley

Jacob Cox

Christian Ryan

Kenneth Harvey

Antonio Morales

Danny Clemmons


Dylan Cowles


Sean Hartley

De Quesenberry

Robyn Alleman

Brian Wannemacher

Bud and Ashlyn Greene

Jack Collins

Adam Mann

Sean Legacy Maloney



Matt Warren and Syndie Darnell of M-Dub Designs for dying the chakra-inspired wedding dress and Hal’s scarf. 


Robb Fishback of Hook bodywear for making my wonderful, one-of-a-kind sunflower barefoot sandals and

for leading the drum circle.


April Renner for putting together our silent auction.


Andy & Jen Geddes, Kelli Marie Frances, Stephanie Piggott, and Stacey Naroditsky for hooking up our drinks and being our dependable go-to people!


Nick Bombetto, Wendy Molitor of The Angry Hippies,


Chris and Teanna Lopez Ennis from Just Baked Eats and Sweets


Shea Buttah and Johnny Nichol  from Rising Light

for making the VIP section the palace that it was!


Scott Minehart from The Shop for hosting the after party.


Billy Romano, S Mike Lynn, Tony Tyler, and Clyde Lowrie for their amazing all-day sound tech services.


Tom Feckner for the beautiful light show.


Matt Hillman, Jeffrey Moellering, and Justin Boza for documenting the whole magical day.


Alan Herd for pumping the raffle.


Crystal Reardon for the fabulous after-party brunch spread.


All of our many wonderful, reliable Illumi-Nator Volunteers that were helpful, friendly and wore silly hats proudly!


And to our family that traveled from afar

Pat Broomell, Penney Broomell, Kristen Payne Landry Mason and Trey and Aunt Claire!


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